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Christian Gartner PT MS recipient of the Arnold P Gold Foundation Gold Doc Award in Humanism

At Total Physical Therapy we pride ourselves with one on one care customized to the patients needs.
We are a Complete Physical Therapy Center including our newly expanding Health, Wellness and Weight Loss division.

Our Mission: To create a superior physical therapy environment by providing one-on-one care that is progressive, innovative, empowering and balanced. Our goal is to restore mobility, reduce pain, prevent disability and improve the overall health and wellness of our patients through proper and cutting edge therapy treatments merged with integrative wellness options.

We specialize in Level 3 Advanced Dry Needle Therapy which helps cut the patients healing time in half. This cutting edge technique involves a very thin needle through the skin to stimulate a trigger point with gentle electronic pulses. Dry Needling may release the tight muscle bands associated with the trigger points and lead to decreased pain and increased function.

When it comes to our traditional physical therapy we apply the latest techniques to meet the individual patients’ goals which include decreased pain, stiffness and soreness, restored mobility and strength and we pride ourselves with a 99% positive outcome.

Work back into the physical game of life under the guidance of our expertly trained physical therapist and athletic trainers.

Our newly expanded Health, Wellness and Weight Loss division will help you achieve your health goals and will aide in your physical therapy healing process. Our NutraMetrix Custom Health Solutions provides Health care Providers with Science-Based Nutritional Interventions and Superior Quality Supplementation that meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Coming soon we will offer Massage Therapy to assist in muscle relaxation, stress and anxiety relief through various therapeutic massage techniques.

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